The First Yara War
The First Gonon War...
Date: April 14th, 542,000,000 BC - August 13th, 536,000,000 BC
Region: Earth Multiple Continents
Status: Federated Victory
  • Successfully Defending The Earth Continents...
  • Grant 7 Occupied...
  • Cambrian Population severely damaged...
Galaxy: Milkyway

The First Gornon War was an Interstellar war between the Rohar Federation and the Gornon Empire for total control of Earth during the time of the Cambrian Period In 542,000,000 BC.

The Rohar Federation Have colonized Earth during the years of 112Ga, and remained on the planet even as it first formed building special fire proof machines in order to survive the massive eruptions that occurred all over during the years of it's formation.

After surviving endless waves of ancient beasts during the Paleozoic period including their great extinction after the clash of the Earth Continent;s had begun, the time of the Cambrian has than begun which another Alien Race known as The Gornon Empire discovers Earth location and send forces to make the planet a colony of theirs only to end up in an all out war with the Rohar Federation who had been there first.

A war between Machines and the Ancient Beast of the Cambrian Period was now on.

Gornon Invasion of Earth Edit

On April 14th, 542,000,000 BC Rohar Federation Soran Command picked up a large fleet of unidentified Warships heading towards the Atmosphere at fast speed. War Kaiser Jord Tolerance, did a scan on the incoming fleet only to find out that these ships were from no where In Hora's Universal Powers, which to the Rohar Federation High Command it was known to be impossible mostly due to non Universal Powers besides Rivera, ever has ever set foot In Soul 13 A.K.A The Milky Way Galaxy.

Rohar Federation Early Defeats In Hallwoiea Edit

Occupation of Williams CityEdit

Fall of Fort KaniaEdit

Oceans Outside the Earth Continents Edit

Underwater WarfareEdit

War In The Sea Edit

Machine vs. Beast Edit

Rohar Federation Counter attack Edit

Liberation of HallwoieaEdit

Second Battle of EuropodiaEdit

Gornon Retreat Edit

Second Battle of The SeaEdit