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A Planet That is Populated By Machines, It is Located In the Center Of The Universe Of Roura, about 200,000,000,000 Light Years Away from The Milky Way Galaxy. There is not A single Population Of Human Species On Encore 7, The Planet Is Mostly Constructed Out of City, Ocean, and Industry, No Trees Or Mountains. It is simply known As Planet Industries, that what the Machines Of Encore 7 Call It.

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The Hail War (June 15th, 4014 - August 8th, 4029) taking Place A Century after the events of The Encore War was A Brutal Inner Seller War Between Rivera and Encore 7 The Machine Planets of the Entire Space Time Continuum.

The Boarder Of Both the Universe Of Roura and The Universe Of Hora, The E.S. had plans to Attack Rivera by controlling The Boarder Line Between the 2 Universe but Failed due to the Combined Op of both Military Powers of Rivera and It's New Earth Allies who are now citizens of Rivera. After Horda Quadrant The Universe Of Hora Responded with An Invasion Of The Roura Universe leading to the Downfall Of Encore 7 and the Roura Planets Of Power.

This Was Considered To be the last war Of Both The Universes of Roura, and Hora. For After that the Worlds Of Power In the Hora Universe Collapsed and Peace at last after many Millenniums was assembled in both Universes Of Roura and Hora.