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The War on Sectors
Invasion of Ora.jpg
Date: September 2nd, 990,000,000 B.E - December 2nd, 989,999,962 B.E
Galaxy: Hora
Status: Rohar Federation Victory
  • Rohar Federation Is Founded...
  • Herman Norman Is Assassinated...
  • Borax Confederacy Collapses...
  • Military Founding Lifted...
  • Rohar Federation establishes control of formal Moses Empire Asteroid Colonies...
  • Miera Harlem is Executed...
  • Ora Orbital Bombarded...
  • Carters 13, 14, and 15, destroyed...
  • Oran race wiped out into extinction...
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The War on Sectors was a 38 year long interstellar war that took place in the B.E Era, between planet powers Regents and Ora, that was best known to have marked the End of the Borax Confederacy Era, and the beginning of the Rohar Federation Era, during the Years of 990,000,000 B.E to 989,999,962 B.E.

It would be identified and forever marked, as the first ever Genocidal War in the Universe of Hora, and also the first time ever that Orbital Bombardment would be used as a form of weaponry against an adversary military. As a result of the war's end it led to the complete extinction of the Oran Race, including the founder of the Borax Confederacy herself, Miera Harlem.

The Universal Generation would pick up on this tactic through the use of Orbital Bombardment centuries later in the 22nd, Century during the time of the Galactic War.


Regents Campaign[]

Though The B.C considered to gain the Advantage over the Rohar Federation At Cloud Rama and the asteroids surrounding Regents, It was stated that the R.F. was leading the B.C. into a trap of complete and total Annihilation, where through the use of advanced equipment that was mainly of Regian origin, would further force the Borax Confederacy into a complete defeat during the Battle of Riverakia on May 19th, 989,999,973 B.E on the 27th year of the conflict, bringing an end to the Borax's Invasion of Regents and forcing the remainder of the war to take place in Space.

Last Ground Invasion of Regents[]

However before the war continued on into space, the Ora Cores would launch one last invasion of Regents from the surface, right at the Rohar Federations official home continent of Hail Sector, one that would last a total of 5 long years, from September 989,999,973 B.E up to July 22nd, 989,999,968 B.E.

Battle of the Asteroid Field[]

After the O.C was defeated in Hail Sector, the O.C. was pushed back towards the Asteroid Colonies in Orbit, where the Rohar Federation was able to wrestle back control of their formal munitions foundries on the asteroids, finally ending the 32 year Regents campaign, and forcing the Borax Confederacy back into deep space, where 2 years later on October 22nd, 989,999,966 B.E.

However the Ora Cores, this time supervised by Malia Harlem herself, chose to launch one final counter attack against Regents, due to fear of Rohar Federation retaliation, despite at the time the RF no longer knowing the exact location of the official homeworld of the Borax Confederacy. The attack was plagued on November 18th, 989,999,966, in hopes of reestablishing control of the Asteroid lines, but the attack backfired when the Rohar Federation was able to successfully repel the fleet of BC Ships, but during the course of the engagement, ended up with the destruction of Asteroid colonies, Carters 13, 14, and 15, which in turned damaged the Rohar Federation's official fleet production in space. Despite this turn of events, the Ora Cores were never able to make it back to the surface of Regents, and were forced to retreat from orbit, but not before a tracking device was launched on one of the ships unknown to the BC.

Invasion of Borax Space[]

Sending a small fleet of Rohar Federation ships after the retreating Borax Confederacy fleet, the Rohar Federation was able to track the Ora Core battered forces to the Tensai System, which was considered a colonial part of Ora, and a huge part that funded the Borax Confederacy's war efforts for not only the Sectorian War but wars prior going as far as the Grand Era.

Siege of Meteosis[]

By December 22nd, 989,999,966 B.E, the Rohar Federation launched an Invasion of the Oran Colony of Meteosis, forever changing history against the Borax Confederacy, for generations to come, as the Rohar Federation was the first military power in existence to ever Invade Borax Space, as no other military regime in wars prior never came close, at the time of the BCs time in existence. The Invasion at first was going in favor of the Rohar Federation, who was also able to launch a beacon into orbit in order to notify Regents, where BC Space was located, allowing the Rohar Federation Navy to amass a counter invasion fleet in order to prepare for the great drive to the BC Homeworld.

Despite having a great advantage over the BC, due to the Tensai System not being prepared for an Invasion, the BC outnumbered the small Rohar Federation Fleet, trapping them on Meteosis, where a large siege was conducted for the past 2 years, from December 30t, 989,999,966 B.E, to July 22nd 989,999,964 B.E, however they had failed to notice the beacon that was set in orbit above Meteosis, during the early stages of their Invasion, not knowing that not finding this beacon would later lead to their race's destruction.

Just when it looked like the planet was about to be reclaimed and the first wave of the Rohar Federation Invasion being decimated, a much larger second wave arrived through warp space, on July 24th, 989,999,964 B.E hitting the Oran Cores from behind, and overrunning much of the counter attack, forcing the BC to abandon Meteosis, as it was later overrun by the Rohar Federation Invasion.

Push toward Ora[]

After a 2 and a half year campaign that lasted from September 2nd, 989,999,964 B.E to June 27th, 989,999,963 B.E The Rohar Federation was able to claim the entire Tensai System, forcing the now weakened and battered Ora Cores into preparing for the defense of their own home world of Ora, that came under attack for the first time in its history of existence on April 2nd, 989,999,962 B.E.

Invasion of Ora[]

Despite such an intense defense, more and more Rohar Federation ships arrived from Regents, to the point that the Ora Cores were completely overrun in space, allowing the Rohar Federation navy to descend down to the planet and deploy troops for a final push toward the Ora Corps official capital of Eurika City.

Miera Harlem, now scared for her own life ordered one last suicidal counter attack against the Rohar Federation navy in the sky, where it was said by historical documents that some BC Vessels crashed themselves into the RF Cruisers as ammo was dangerously low for the Ora Cores, some BC forces even went as far as to boarding Rohar Federation vessels and destroying them from within.

Miera's Death[]

Despite this counter attack, the Rohar Federation began to Orbital Bombard Ora, where for the first time in the history of space, an orbital bombardment was conducted on a planet.

As Ora's cities start to burn, Malia tries to reorganized her shattered army, only to be shot by a sniper and killed on sight, avenging Norman Herman, the founder of the Rohar Federation who was killed by the BC 38 years ago, which started the war.

Fall of the Ora Cores[]

With Mira dead, the entire leadership and chain of command for the BC fell into chaos, with panic gripping the entire homeworld, the council of galactic warfare, eventually surrendered to the Rohar Federation finally on December 2nd, 989,999,962 B.E, finally at last bringing about an end to the 38 year war between Regents and Ora.


As a result of the 38 year destructive interstellar war, the Rohar Federation declared martial law on Ora, executing all remaining Borax Confederacy soldiers, and leaders to the point that by December 15th, the entire Ora Cores once most powerful inter galactic military had been wiped out of existence.

As punishment, for the destruction that was plagued across Regents during the first 27 years of warfare, the Rohar Federation renewed its orbital bombardment of Ora, eventually eliminating a large chunk of the Oran race, while hunting down and killing those that survived the bombardment, Miera Harlem's body was grabbed by Rohar Federation forces and tossed down a chasm, where it would later be destroyed by the orbital bombardments, where not long after the Rohar Federation launched a geocidal sweep of the Tensai System, killing all Orans that were on the colony worlds of Maximus, Osiris, Meteoris, Bygonra, and Ithora, to the point that by December 28th, 989,999,962 B.E The entire Oran Race was wiped out into extinction, and Ora was left as a dead rock for millenniums to follow.

The Rohar Federation would eventually abandon Ora and the Tensai System by February 15th, 989,999,961 B.E never to return again, leaving the entire Tensai System and formal BC Homeworld left to float in space as dead rocks for all eternity.


The Sectorian War was forever documented in Hora's historical index Archives, as the Galaxy's first longest and most geocidal conflict in its history, as previous wars prior to the Sectorian War were documented to have lasted either 10 years, or on some occasions 8 years, it was also documented as the most blackest war in history, which tells the story of Regent's slaughter of the entire Oran race, where Regents officials at the time of B.E claimed it to be justified, as the Oran Race slaughtered many of their citizens on Regents for 27 years, during their initial invasions of the planet.

The Sectorian War was also recorded as the first official war in the history of space where a fleet conducted an Orbital Bombardment against a populated planet, and was also used as a form of weaponry in order to destroy enemy forces, as during the time of the early B.E Era and Grand Era, before that, Orbital Bombardments were mainly used to excavate and mine planets for resources throughout Hora, never were they once used as a weapon of war at the time. As a result, Orbital Bombardment would then be used by future armies in Hora, as the centuries progress, but mainly by the Universal Generation by the time of the Glactic War in the 22nd, Century, who adapted this tactic from the Sectorian War, and would use it on every world they Invaded in the Organic realm.

Immieadeitly following the war's end, and the extinction of the Oran Race, the Rohar Federation would remain in the Tensai System and Ora, for about 2 more months before eventually departing the system never to return.

As a result of the Sectorian War's end, the Rohar Federation would then carry on the title along with the Rangerians, as Regents would end up in 2 bloody civil wars centuries following this Engagement, but both were credited as one of Hora's most powerful militaries until the events of the Galactic War Centuries later in the 22nd, Century, when both the Rohar Federation and Regianl Encores, would lose it to the Universal Generation.