Roguan Shredder 98
New Advanced Sniper Rifle
Manufactured: April 2nd, 1214
Industry: Carter 12
Occupation: Semi Automatic Sniper Rifle
Faction of Origin: Rohar Federation
  • Shredder...
  • Death Rifle...
Cartridges: 19 Rounds Per Core Magazine
Range: 4,000 Meters
Type: Laser Based, Fire Arm
Status: 1214 - 2029
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Roguan Shredder 98, or the R.S.98 For Short was one of the first Regian Advanced Sniper Rifles during the Early Years of the 1200's. They made their first appearance in warfare during the Second Regian Civil War Known as the War of 1211.

The Regional Shredder was Manufactured from Carter 12 on April 2nd 1214, during the closing phase of The War of 1211 and were later beamed down to Earth in order to aid the Rohar Federation Forces in the Defense of the Earth continents From the Rangerian Invasion.

Mainly it was due to their lack of R.74 Sniper Rifles that were Quickly going off the Charts due to A Great number of copies that were being Manufactured from Regional Industries.

Despite It's major success at long range Attacks the one and only flaw of the Shredder is that the rifle would sometimes lock due to Malfunctions and would some times leave Rohar Federation snipers at risk of Rangerain Snipers.

The rifle remained In military Service until 2029 after the Third World War where they were soon scrapped due to technical difficulties and lack of Parts.