The War on Platinum
Date: August 1th, 20 G.a. - December 4th, 18 G.a.
Region: Sierra
Status: Dorgon Victory...
  • Rohar Federation Abandon Sierra...
  • Sierra Becomes a Space Port for Dorgorna...
  • Marked the Rivalry Between Dorgorna And Regents...
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Platinum War was an Intersteller War Between The Rohar Federation and Dogorna Pirates for Control of Sierra during the Grand Advanced Era, It was the first major confrontation between Regents, and another Universal Power In Hora, and was also considered to be the War that led to the bitter hatred between Regents & Dorgorna.

Sierra was A planet Regents Colonized In 15 B.E The Pirates Unleashed Major Attacks In Sierra's Orbit but were always repelled by the Superior Rohar Federation Space Fleet.

The Pirates However began To gain the Upper hand and later was able to Enter Sierra and Occupy The Entire Planet Within 2 Years of Destructive and Enormous Conflict Sierra Was than turned into a major Spaceport for Dorgorna.

Sierra Remained In Pirate Control Until The Events of The Galactic War Which will Occur Many Millenniums Later.

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Belligerents of the war Edit

  • Rohar Federation
  • Dogorna Armera Legion

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