Battle Of HillStone Forest

Rivera Federation Forces Firing From their Fortified Positions During the HillStone Forest Campaign In the Wastelands Of Area A...

Battle Of The HillStone Forests (November 29th, 2288 -December 25th, 2288) Was The Early Phase of the Invasion of Tartarus Unleashed on November 29th, of 2288, Into the Forests of HillStone where the Rivera Federation Basically Scorched Half of the Forests due to lines of Defense.

As the Forces of the 33rd, Tokyo Armored Division and the United States Michigan APC Units entered the Forests they came into Contact With Heavy Rivera Federation Activity In the Wasteland Area.

4 Days have passed but neither the Japanese or Americans were able to break through the Federation Strike 7 Lines of Defenses, But things changed on the 24th, of December When the 4th Indian Regimen began to Pound the R.F.F.S.7. Lines with Endless Shells of Artillery Fire.

Finally At last on the Night of December 25th, The R.F.F.S.7 Lines Broke sending them Retreating back to HailStone City marking the Beginning of the Invasion of Tartarus, and the final Theater in The Galactic War.

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