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H.C.R. Horan Cord Ryre
Hunter Core Rivera.jpg
Manufactured: UNKNOWN
Destroyed: April 7th, 4015
Factions: Team Encore
Gender: Male
Type: Long Range Android...
Race: Encorian
Relative Androids:
Designer: Unknown

H.C.R. Also Known As Horan Cord Ryer Is About The Second Oldest In The Encore Brethren. He is The Only Android Among his Brothers Who was never Manufactured With A Jet Pack, for he was Manufactured With A P.D.P. A.K.A Proton Destruction Pack Instead. He Is Considered The Only Android That Was Manufactured With A Blaster. although Being The Second Oldest He Is Considered To Be The Most Laziest and The Most Hot Headed.






  • H.H.R. (Harris Hail Ryer): Older Brother of Spark....
  • Y.H.R. (Yara Horder Ryer): Younger Brother of Spark....
  • L.S.R. (Loyd Sierra Rensor): True Human Friend and Alley....
  • Anna Koakshi: Closest friend later Wife...
  • Ike Koakshi: Strongest Alley And First Friend After Arrival on Earth....
  • The Continental's: Arch Rivals, from Regents....

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