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The Ford 69 Assault Rifle
Manufactured: May 28th, 1819
Industry: Carter 12
Occupation: Assault Rifle
Faction of Origin: Rohar Federation
Cartridges: 50 Rounds
Range: 1,491 Meters
Type: Laser Based, Firearm
Status: 1819 - 2491

The Ford 69 was a replacement Assault Rifle that was created from Carter 12, that was meant to replace the Aging Ford-62, that had been in service since 989,000,000 BE.

Although created from Carter 12 since 1819, the Ford 69, remained as a Battle class rifle in the Rohar Federation military up until 1945, and became the standard issue weapon of the Rohar Federation military, following the events of the Second World War and during the ongoing Rega War.

The Ford 69, remained in service as the primary assault rifle for the Rohar Federation up until the weapon's retiring in 2491,