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First Gornon War
The First Gonon War....jpg
Date: April 14th, 542,000,000 BC - August 13th, 541,999,958 BC
  • Moon (During First Contact)
  • Sora (Ocean and multiple Islands)
Status: Federated Victory
  • Successfully Defending The Earth Continents...
  • Luna Spaceport is destroyed...
  • Cambrian Population severely damaged...
  • Islands on Earth partially destroyed...
  • Gornon Empire's only Colonial Carrier destroyed in the ocean...
Galaxy: Milky Way
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The First Gornon War was a devastating 41 year Interstellar war between the Rohar Federation and the Gornon Empire for total control of Earth and sections of the Solar System and outside territories during the time of the Cambrian Period that lasted from 542,000,000 BC to 541,999,958 BC.

The Rohar Federation Have colonized Earth during the years of 112Ga, and remained on the planet even as it first formed building special fire proof machines in order to survive the massive eruptions that occurred all over during the years of it's formation.

After surviving endless waves of ancient beasts during the Paleozoic period including their great extinction after the clash of the Earth Continent's had begun, the time of the Cambrian has than begun which another Alien Race known as The Gornon Empire discovers Earth location and send forces to make the planet a colony of theirs only to end up in an all out war with the Rohar Federation who had been there first.

A war between Machines and the Ancient Beast of the Cambrian Period was now on.

Prior to the Events[]

On April 14th, 542,000,000 BC Rohar Federation Soran Command picked up a large fleet of unidentified Warships heading towards the Atmosphere at fast speed.

War Kaiser Jord Tolerance, did a scan on the incoming fleet only to find out that these ships were from no where In Hora's Universal Powers, which to the Rohar Federation High Command it was known to be impossible mostly due to non Universal Powers besides Regents, ever has ever set foot In Soul 13 A.K.A The Milky Way Galaxy.

The First Skirmish & Declaration of War[]

In order to discover the cause of these new fleet, a single RF Interception fleet launched from Earth's Moon, in order to identify, only for the Moon's Orbital Space Port to lose contact not long after, sending in a second wave of recon ships, this time covered by Star-Arora Class cruisers and Oguss-Class Destroyers, the recon vessels were attacked on the spot leading to a large battle that occured not far from the Moon.

As a result, the second wave of Rohar Federation ships was destroyed, leading the unidentified Invaders into launching a full scale planetary assault on the Moon, overrunning the entire planet within a few days, but by this time reinforcements launched from Earth, countered the unidentified Fleet and retook the Moon, but the unidentified race of aliens counter attacked this one move by launching a nuclear plasma device that resulted in the destruction of the Luna Space Port and the entire 8th Regents Fleet.

Gornon Race is Discovered[]

During the course of the first shots that were fired around and on the Moon, it was eventually discovered by the survivors of the Moon campaign that the name of the alien race of organics that launched this attack was known as the Gornorian Race, who hail from the planet Gornon, a world that is 62,000,000 Lightyears from Earth, and was no longer on the Rohar Federation's register of planets listed in the Milky Way Universe, as at the time of the Cambrian Period, the Rohar Federation was still expanding amongst the Milky way, and were unable to list Gornon, due to the Federation's expansion only being within 30,000,000 Lightyears outside the Solar System, which in turn was no where close towards the range of Gornon.


Gornon Invasion of Earth[]

However, by June 20th, 542,000,000 BC, a second wave of Gornon Imperial ships arrived, and launched a second Invasion of the Moon, resulting into a heavy fight in orbit once again, in and around the moon. Despite such a great defense that was provided, the Rohar Federation's orbital blockade was breached at one weaken spot, thanks to Gornon boarder ships taking out a large chuck of the Rohar Federation vessels from within, opening up a path in the RF Defenses for an Earth invasion, where 4 carriers entered the atmosphere and began to deploy troops in the ocean.

Within 6 months the entire Ocean was occupied and fortified by the Gornon Empire, and even managed to destroy a large Rohar Federation Underwater shipyard station before eventually expanding its territory to the surface, and taking over multiple Islands, Hallwoiea which in turn ended up getting Invaded as well.

The Rohar Federation who was completely separated between their forces fighting in space, and their armies being pinned down in the ocean.

Within 10 years, the Rohar Federation was crushed in the Oceans, further forcing the RF Forces to retreat back to the surface, onto the continents, as the seas fell to the Gornon Empire on July 2nd, 541,999,990, where by then the Rohar Federation Naval forces in orbit had been crushed in space about 8 years earlier, from a third wave fleet of Gornon Imperial forces arriving and overwhelming the remaining RF forces in Orbit, causing them to retreat back down to the surface of the planet, while others retreated elsewhere to other planets in the galaxy, where Gornon Imperial forces divided their forces in order to try and finish off the Rohar Federation forces in space.

This in turn caused a shift in theaters in the First Gornon War, as the Invasion of Earth was occuring.

Rohar Federation Early Defeats In Hallwoiea[]

Occupation of Williams City[]

Fall of Fort Kania[]

Oceans Outside the Earth Continents[]

Underwater Warfare[]

War In The Sea[]

Rohar Federation Counter attack[]

Second Battle of Europodia[]

Gornon Retreat[]

Second Battle of The Sea[]