First Battle of Leia... 2019
First Battle of Leia
Date: August 2nd, 2019 - August 5th, 2019
Conflict: World War III
  • United Armed Federation
  • Artemis Empire
Status: Decisive A.E Victory...
  • American advance grinds to a halt...
  • American Landing zone captured...
  • Second Battle of Leia commences...
  • Paris Successfully defended...
  • Soul Walkers Markana and Horcuda, take part in Third World War...
  • Korna devices new strategy...
Region: Leia, France
Operation: Breakthrough
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Battle of Leia also known as The First Battle of Leia was a strategic engagement in the First European Theater during the early months of World War III fought between the Artemis Empire and United Armed Federation for strategic control of both the town and Fortress of Leia, in order to press on toward Paris.

After the fall of Morborus and the destruction of the second European line of defense in Southern Europe coming over from the landing at Morshari Town in Southern France.

By this time Leia was known to be the final line of defense between Paris and the Armed Federal advance, in which most A.E Presence all over the Continent gathered in France in order to fortify Leia.

Though the A.E had Managed to repel several Armed Federal recon forces or Patrols entering the region since August 2nd, the U.A.F main force eventually arrived by August 5th, from both the North and Southwest, breaching the A.E Lines and forcing them down hill, by this very point the Continental's managed to counter attack and repel the first wave of Invaders, at this very same time Soul Walker nations Gunghollow and Hallwoiea eventually arrived in Europe in order to aide the Continentals in the defence of their Soul Continent, and took over multiple A.E Battalions.

During the second wave of attack the Americans were over run and eventually thrown back towards their own landing zone where their entire Field HQ went up in smoke and multiple Air Carriers were shot down before take off by Panzer Tanks.

The Battle end in A.E Victory halting the American advance toward Paris, and also dealing a decisive blow towards Princess Korna's war effort in her war against Europe.

The Battle also marked the begining of the European Counter attack in order to reclaim Europe, but all focus would be done mostly to the North, beginging at Norus Fortress, than later Copenhagan.

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