• Meowjar

    Attack of 1992

    February 11, 2012 by Meowjar

    The Grave Yard Clash Or Operation Mega 43 Was the last major attempt to reclaim the 43, It ended Up in a major clash at the Historical Carrier Grave Yard between the 43 and the 43rd Space Patrols. The Operation was Givin in an attempt to Arrest Mega and finally reclaim the MR.43 after a grand total of 44 Years. The clash ended with 3 Protectors dead, One Goag 99 Disabled and the 43 Disappearing into Space Jump the failure of Operation Mega 43, caused the U.P. to finally back down on reclaiming the 43 so that they won't end up losing anymore of their good Officers, thus having to go through another Rouge attack like In 1968.

    On August 13th, 1991, Admiral Rohans Orders a complete and Utter Search Mission for both Mega and The 43. He intends to…

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