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Battle of Riviera's Locker
The Final Strong Hold Of The Rain Rebels Of Hottoro.jpg
Date: August 10th, 982,000,000BE - August 13th, 982,000,000BE
Conflict: Rain Wars
Region: Thin Shores Hottoro
Status: Rangerian Victory
  • Rivera Rangerian forces become second military power on Rivera...
  • Rain Rebels collapse...
  • Was Rivera's most dangerous and Wettest War...
Operation: Gaildossa

The Battle At Riviera's Locker Riviera's Locker was the final battle In the Rain War, but It considered to be the most destructive Battle ever since Rangeria's Founding In 988,000,000BE. Despite winning the final frontier against the Rain Rebels and bringing an end to the Rain Wars, the Rangerains have lost a grand total of mirly a hundred thousand Soldiers including another 50,000 that was washed away out to sea.

The Deep Muddy Fields Of Gara[]

Weather And Sea Problems[]

Rangerian Push Toward Riviera Locker[]

Rain Rebel Counter Attack[]

Tsunami Problems[]

Rangerian Victory over Rain Rebels[]