Attackers Over Asteroid Sierra

The Attacker Shown Among 2 Other Allied Attacker Carriers During The Battle Of The Moon On April 3rd, Of the War Of 1211.

The Rivera Rangerian Attacker Class Carrier, Was the Most effective Battle Ship In the Rivera Rangerian Arsenal, with Thick Armor and Heavy Battery Emplacements Stationed All over the ships Hull. THe Ship was launched In 982,000,000BE During the Rivera Rain Wars where It was Used as A Test Carrier and was Proven to be most Effective. The Attacker was again Use During the Rangerian Invasion Of The Rivera Federation Earth Continents and were Sighted Over The Moon On April 3rd, 1214. The Ship was Scrapped After The Rangerian were Defeated On Earth In 1945 When the Soviet Union Took over Berlin.

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  • The Rain Wars: (Experimental Tests): '
  • Agile War: '
  • War Of 1211 (Battle Of The Moon): '
  • Rebellion Of Hallwoeia: '
  • World War II (Battle Of HailStone City): '
  • World War III: The Attacker Was Relaunched During the Events Of World War III On June 3rd Of 2023, during the European Invasion Of USA Gaining All Americans Surprise and Shock.

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