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ARK-78 Assault Rifle
Manufactured: April 2nd, 1034
Industry: Carter 12
Occupation: Assault Rifle
Faction of Origin: Rohar Federation
  • Universal AK 47...
  • Generation Rifle...
  • Neo AK.47...
  • Universal Assault Rifle...
  • Generation Blaster...
  • Laser 1...
Cartridges: 40 Rounds
Range: 3,000 Meters
Counter Part: AK-47
Type: Laser Based, Fire Arm
Status: 1034-4029
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The ARK 78, A.K.A Assault Roheart Kannon Is A Regian Assault Rifle that was Manufactured From Regents, Another Planet of Machines but as well Is Located In The Universe of Hora 90,000,000,000 Light Years Away from the Milky Way Galaxy.


ARK-78: Assault Roheart Kannon, is one of the most newest Assault rifles ever created from Carter 12 during the Early 12th, Century The ARK-78 was used during the War of 1211 when the Jeromorian Rangerian forces launched an Invasion of the Earth continent of Gunghollow, It was considered a Prototype during the 13th, Century and was not yet ready for war due to technical Difficulties. The ARK-78 was scheduled to be sent to Earth after major successful tests in 1949, but was halted due to the creation of the AK-47.

Only a grand total of 12 ARK-78's were used during The events of the Vietnam War during Highland Roran's Invasion of South Vietnam.

The Russians have made an exact copy of the ARK-78 known as the AK 47 and claimed to the people of Earth that they are the ones responsible for the creation of the ARK-78, little did they know that the people who they are talking and screwing around with are actually more superior race of disguised machines from Regents who were only defeated in the second World War just because they were playing as equals to the forces of Earth.

The only difference between the 2 is that the ARK-78 shoots Dark purple lasers and the AK 47 shoots bullets and later Orange Lasers in the future during the time when the Universal Genration Invaded Russia In the events of the Galactic War.